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Our activity providers are local and national businesses, associated with sports, Health & Fitness, wellbeing, adventure or STEM. We offer free opportunities for providers to show what they do to our festival goers.

By providing have-a-go experiences you'll contribute to our festival aims and enjoy a great marketing opportunity for free.

Hear what our awesome providers say

Linda Johnstone, Racquet Buddies

“A fun weekend and a great opportunity to get our name known by more people, which led to some new bookings too."

Nicole, Get Fit & Fly

"I felt everything was smoothly run, great facilities for everyone and we felt very welcome. The festival gives us a chance to share what we do to people who maybe would never have discovered us otherwise. We always have a wee boost in new people being interested in classes whether that be by word of mouth from seeing us at the festival or directly coming to speak to us."

Greame Doig, P&K Disability Sport

“A well-organized, fun couple of days that was well attended by so many. It was great to raise awareness of disability sport opportunities, and everyone enjoyed trying out the wheelchairs and having a go at Boccia. It's a big yes from us for 2023!.”

We work hard to advertise on your behalf

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