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Sporty Science: Oobleck Football Mania

Hello, sporty and science-loving families!

What happens when the beautiful game meets quirky science? Welcome to Oobleck Football Mania, where the joy of football gets a fantastic, gooey twist. Here, we'll take you through how to bring this fascinating game to life, complete with a list of materials and some football-inspired sub-activities that are both fun and educational.

What is Oobleck?

First, a quick primer for those unfamiliar with oobleck. It's a substance that behaves like a solid under pressure and flows like a liquid when pressure is released. Best of all, you can make it at home! Just combine 1 part water with 1.5 to 2 parts cornstarch.

Oobleck Football: The Main Event

Equipment and Materials:

- 1 balloon filled with oobleck

- 2 small goals (or makeshift goals using cones)

- Cornstarch (at least 500 grams)

- Water (around 250 ml)

How Much:

- Enough oobleck to fill a standard balloon which will act as your football



Equipment Needed:

- 1 small oobleck-filled balloon

How Much:

- Around 100 grams of cornstarch and 50 ml of water should be enough to fill a balloon


- Keep the oobleck balloon off the ground using your feet. Try to beat your own record!

Oobleck Dribbling Race:

Equipment Needed:

- Cones to mark the dribbling path

- 1 oobleck-filled balloon

How Much:

- The same oobleck-filled balloon used for the main football game


- Dribble the oobleck football around the cones in the shortest time possible.

Oobleck Penalty Shootout:

Equipment Needed:

- Small goals

- Goalkeeper gloves (optional)

- Oobleck-filled balloon

How Much:

- The same oobleck-filled balloon used for the main football game


- Take turns being the goalkeeper and the shooter. The oobleck-filled balloon makes for unpredictable shots!

Why It's Educational

- Non-Newtonian Fluids: The oobleck provides a tactile way to learn about non-Newtonian fluids.

- Physics and Sports: Integrate concepts of force and motion as you play.

Safety and Tips

- Safety Gear: Wear old clothes, and consider eyewear for oobleck splatters.

- Supervision: Keep a keen eye on little ones to ensure safe play.


Oobleck Football Mania is not just a day of sporty fun; it’s an educational journey. It combines the teamwork and strategy of football with the scientific wonders of oobleck, promising a unique and educational family experience. So, what are you waiting for? Let's kick off the oobleck football season!

I hope this blog post provides all the inspiration and information you need to host your own Oobleck Football Mania event! Enjoy the sporty science fun!

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